Installation and set up the Smart water-saving irrigation techniques for coffee farm: The case study in Vietnam

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Nga Dinh Thi, Tho Huynh Thi, Van Thi Thanh Ho


smart water-saving irrigation, coffee farm, climate change, smart agricultural.


Vietnam is among the most vulnerable nations to climate change impacts according to a recent International Panel on Climate Change report. The country's diverse geography means it is hit by typhoons, landslides, flooding and droughts, weather events expected to worsen in coming years. An inadequate of reserved water was the reason which made large-scale water reservoirs loaded only 20 - 40% capacity. Meanwhile, the small-scale reservoirs were almost empty and not able to supply water for farming and inhabitants. Consequently, thousands of crops area died on fire and could not be cultivated. Among them, cafe trees exhibited the most serious effects. According to preliminary statistics, up to now, the whole Central Highlands had up to 95,000 ha of crops lacking irrigation water, of which over 7,000 ha has stopped production due to lack of water. This study works on the installation and set up the smart water-saving irrigation techniques for coffee farm in central highland in Vietnam. The success of this research to agriculture not only saves water for crops, contributes to climate change adaptation but also opens a new step in agriculture, agriculture 4.0.

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