Installation of Implants in the Atrophic Maxilla without the use of Bone Grafting - Systematic Review

( Vol-6,Issue-5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

PARAGUASSU Éber Coelho, FIGUEIRA Karina da Silva, MAIA Claudiane da Silva do Carmo, MEDEIROS Suzane de Araujo Bacelar, LACERDA Jamille Passos, SANTOS Alan Mesquita


Atrophic maxilla, implant, computed tomography, prototyping.


Objective: This study aims to demonstrate, through literature review in edentulous patients that present severe bone resorption of the maxilla, through alternative surgical techniques that do not require the use of bone grafts. Methodology : The methodology was performed through an epidemiological survey in the main research databases and some articles with high impact factor were selected for a systematic review installation of atrophic maxillary implants without the use of bone grafting. A scan was performed in PubMed, Scielo and Capes e were found 130 articles related to the theme, 43 with bias inadequate to research and 47 with impact factor or which are much below average. These 90 articles were excluded from the review process, leaving 40 articles that were used as basis for this study. Results: The feasibility of this technique became possible only with the advent of the creation of the prototypes generated from the computerized tomographies, which allow the surgical planning and the preparation of prostheses with precise fittings, made from models with dimensions and shapes identical to the area to be rehabilitated.

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