Introduction of Agro-Ecological Systems in the Municipality of Exu-Pe

( Vol-6,Issue-6,June 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Gislâine Soares Martins, Loane Marzea Lopes Costa, Adriana Anadir dos Santos, Carlos Alberto Batista Santos


Agroecology, Life quality, Semiarid zones


Agroecology has led us to think a lot far beyond the immediate results of our actions, and it makes us reflect on what they mean about all beings that share the same environment, breathe the same air and share a unique biosphere. Based on agroecological principles, organic farming yields food without toxic waste, guaranteeing a healthy diet in our homes. It is necessary to consider that agroecology is a practice that does not affect the health of the farmers or the ecosystems. This paper presents bibliographic research regarding the questions about agroecology, its characteristics, and the importance of the action of man in work with the practice in question. It aims to achieve a better quality of life in the environment in which we live, as well as healthy nurture, caring for the environment, preserving the ecosystem, making more understandable the importance of agroecology for the quality of life of a society.

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