Investigation of Seismic Parameters of R.C. Building on Sloping Ground

( Vol-5,Issue-8,August 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Mohd. Arif Lahori, Sagar Jamle


Earthquake effects, Multistory building, Response spectrum, Sloping Ground, Step back, Step back set back.


As we all know that the R.C. structures which are constructed on slope of mountains are commonly asymmetrical in shape in downward gradient and when these are in contact with earthquake effects, exposed to massive destruction. When considering the horizontal and vertical planes of these R.C. structures, it shows dissimilar floor stiffness along with floor mass. The objective of this investigation is to compare the outcomes from dynamic method of earthquake analysis performed on R.C. structures with five different configurations like, regular building, Step back building 200, Step back building 300, Step back Set back 200 building and Step back Set back 300 building are presented. Analysis containing storey displacement in X and Z directions along with the storey drift, storey shear and time period has carried out by using Response Spectrum Method.

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