Irrigation of the mammary glands of sows (Sus scrofa domesticus Linnaeus, 1758)

( Vol-6,Issue-5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ygor Henrique de Paula, Henrique Inhauser Riceti Magalhães, Fabiano Braz Romão, Ricardo Lucas Ferreira Junior, Mateus Santos Moreira, Jeferson Borges Barcelos, Lucas de Assis Ribeiro


Anatomy, Arteries, Radiography, Swine, Teats.


The irrigation of the mammary glands of crossbred sows was studied by contrast radiographic examination in order to provide subsidies to related areas. Dissection had been performed on seven female pigs, with different body weights, and prior to puberty, with a mean age of three months, originated from pig farms in Brazil. Barium Sulfate had been injected in four specimens. Radiographic examination was performed for visualization of the arterial distribution to the glands. It has been concluded that the mammary arteries responsible for the irrigation of the mammary glands in sows originate from the superficial cranial and the caudal epigastric arteries. Among the arteries identified by dissection and contrast radiography, it has been verified that the cranial arteries present larger calibers when compared to caudal arteries. The use of contrast radiography has revealed to be efficient for the topographic identification of the vessels, the caliber, and the distribution to the mammary glands.

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