Literature Review on Design and Working of 3 Way Pilot Operated Diaphragm Controlled Hydraulic Control Valve

( Vol-4,Issue-5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Kunal Mehra


3 way pilot, upstream pressure, diaphragm operated hydraulic control valve.


Most flow applications require regulating the flow of liquid and usually the parameter of flow is pressure. This paper focuses on the design assembly and working of a 3 way pilot operated diaphragm controlled hydraulic control valve. A 3 way pilot operated hydraulic control valve is used in this study for reducing the pressure on the main line, sustaining the pressure on the main line and quick pressure relief for a by-pass line. This study has been carried out on a 2” line with a bronze 2” diaphragm operated hydraulic control valve a brass pilot with pressure adjustment range of 0.7 bars to 6.5 bars. Through the study, I also found about the chaotic behaviour of the pilot with the sudden variation in the upstream pressure of the main line.

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