Measure to Better Manage: Proposal of Performance Indicators

( Vol-6,Issue-2,February 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Diogo Silva Hoffmann, Raimundo Nonato Lima Filho


Public administration; Performance indicators; Accountability; INSS; Management Reform.


The construction of performance indicators is an activity that must be performed by public and private administrators. In the public sector, the use of indicators facilitates accountability. This article, the result of a master's dissertation, presents operational performance indicators of the Operational Section of People Management (OSPM) of the Executive Board of INSS in Petrolina. The study is justified by contributing to the professionalization of management in public administration. The construction of the indicators was based on the model synthesized by Palvarini (2010), resulting in the formulation of four performance metrics: Medium Requirements Resolution Time; Medium Time to Distribute Requirements; Percentage of Concession and Rejection of Requirements; Percentage of outstanding or resolved requirements. As a mechanism for collecting data and calculating indicators, an adjustment was made to the OSPM control worksheet. The indicators developed were approved by the Executive Manager of the INSS in Petrolina, institutionalizing their use at the local level. The limiting factors of the present research, the fact that the proposed indicators are approved only for local use, stands out. Future studies can assess the use of indicators as well as the system that is in development to replace the control worksheet

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