Mitigating Instability in Electric Drive Vehicles Due to Time Varying Delays with Optimised Controller

( Vol-4,Issue-5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Niresh J, Dr.Neelakrishanan, Muthu C, Sabareesh G, Saravanan P, Tharan Vikram S


CAN-Control Area Network, H∞ Controller, LQR Controller (Linear Quadratic Regulator), MATLAB-Matrix Laboratory, Optimization.


The instability in the Electric vehicle would reduce the performance and even severely damage the system. This instability is mainly due to the random time-varying delays occurring in CAN network and the improper efficiency of controllers. This uncertainty and error occurrence makes it difficult to design the electric vehicles considering the advantages of Electric Vehicles being, the future to reduce harmful emissions due to fossil fuels, the instability can be mitigated by using optimized H∞ controller. The results of Simulations through MATLAB demonstrate the Effectiveness of the improved controller by comparing with the normal PI controller. The results of comparison illustrate the strength of explicitly.

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