Modeling an Academic Test by Practicing Google Drive Cloud Computing

( Vol-4,Issue-5,May 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Waseem Saad Nsaif, Laith Rtalib Rasheed, Saja Salim Mohammed, Mohamed Hakem Mohamed


Google Drive, Cloud Computing, Academic Test.


In Considering of technological development Awarded in all aspects of life, especially in education and university education in particular, and starting from the principle of modernity and innovation in the educational process, the idea of this research generated to use the cloud computing applications in the preparation of tests for university students, advanced, accessible and relevant newness in devising the scientific of students to determine their scientific level in accuracy, without being bound by traditional tests, Where we'll prepare tests using a cloud computing applications which prepare ready models tests using Google drive ready test models, in several ways including selections or writing census paragraphs or short answers or complete vacuum or Pauline. Then after arranged and prepared the models test sent online to the students at various means of communication via the Internet, such as different kinds of email, Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, and then the students answer and respond to the mail sender. The cloud computing technology is very useful for tests, especially as the availability of new services in testing, but nevertheless, we find that the number of tests that take advantage of cloud computing technology is still a few, perhaps this is because of submit to the tests through techniques will lead to a significant change in the test method, in addition to that it is not easy to move to the use of new technology with no able people to deal with those techniques , but perhaps in the near future, we will find many of the tests carried out by cloud computing techniques, This service can give you the free storage space of up to 5 GB is (Google Drive), so featuring that you can share files with your friends or make them public watched all the people, it is suitable service for a lot work because you can edit the MS Office files, and create files such as Word and PowerPoint and Excel, it supports multiple files and formats, to access this service must have a Gmail account, the service is available on the Mac or Windows devices and also you can reach them by phone. Also features by submit a form questionnaire or question by email, and participation the result of tests or questionnaire in an Excel paper, with the possibility of filtering, mathematical operations and other without the need for a program on your computer. And get a graphical summary of the result of questionnaire or test. Also can apply a theme to give a nice seen for the tests or questionnaire form. These tests constitute a clear difference from traditional tests in terms of the accuracy of assessing students, and their level of knowledge to be accurate, in addition to overcome all the problematic and cons of traditional tests. It is also developing the student's personality, spirit, minds, bodies and affection. Also develop the student talent tendencies, and provide a flexible learning environment, and prepare qualified and skilled teaching staff in the use of modern teaching strategies and methods.

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