Modelling the co-existence and survival scenarios of two competing legumes with a low environmental perturbation

( Vol-5,Issue-12,December 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

J.U. Atsu, A.O.Nwaoburu, E. N. Ekaka-a


Environmental perturbation, co-existence, survival, random noise, MATLAB Algorithm, inter-competition, intra-competition.


The occurrence of an environmental perturbation on the outcomes of co-existence and survival for two competing legumes for limited resources is one of the challenging crop science problems that requires a mathematical quantification. We have explored the application of a MATLAB algorithm in this study. We have found that the inclusion of a low random noise intensity value of 0.01 has dominantly predicted more instances of valid co-existence scenarios and fewer instances of degeneracy scenarios providedthe inter-competition coefficients outweigh the intra-competition coefficients. We would expect these present novel results to provide a further insight on the crop science ideas of co-existence and survival.

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