Monitoring System for Agrometeorological Application with Voice-Controlled Interface

( Vol-5,Issue-12,December 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Edio Roberto Manfio, Marcos Vinicius Bueno de Morais, Fabio Carlos Moreno, Cinthyan Renata Sachs Camerlengo de Barbosa, Marcos Paulo Guimarães Guerra


Unmanned Vehicles, Digital Agriculture, Severe Weather, Linguistic, Agriculture Applications


The objective of this work is to present aspects about the already completed development stages of a monitoring system for agrometeorological application that uses Human-Computer Interface controlled by written and spoken languages. Technologies related to the development of this type of HCI have been increasingly used and are gradually more connected to the most diverse devices and machines including fieldwork uses. This interdisciplinary work is supported by research in the areas of Meteorology, Linguistics, Natural Language Processing (NPL) and Computing using physical prototypes focused on monitoring: automated solar search, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), unmanned groundvehicle (UGV), mix of meteorological sensors and the system itself. The steps already completed and interrelated - automated solar tracker, the set of meteorological sensors and the system - show that this type of monitoring has a significant degree of accuracy, low cost and autonomy - it does not depend on the conventional grid and makes small decisions.

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