Optimization of Tiger Nut Milk Microencapsulation Process: Evaluation of Solubility and Oxidative Stability

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Jonas J. G. da Costa Neto, Taísa L. M. Gomes, Priscilla. F. F. Amaral, Maria. H. M. Rocha Leão, Gizele. C. Fontes Sant’Ana


Microencapsulation; Optimization; Tiger nut starch; Tiger nut milk; oxidative stability, solubility.


The appropriate concentrations of inulin and modified tiger nut starch were evauated in a sequential experimental design to improve the microencapsulation process of tiger nut milk. The stability emulsification index was the response variable studied to evaluate the effectiveness of the microencapsulation process. The concentrations observed through the central composite design (CCD) that most improved the stability emulsification index corresponded to 9.40% inulin and 0.40% modified tiger nut starch. The preservation capacity of the microencapsulated tiger nut milk was evaluated by determining the solubility in water (76%) and oxidative stability (46 h) of the microspheres. The chemical composition indicated important concentrations of protein (5.40%), calcium (191.65 mg / 100 g), carbohydrate (65.10%) and vitamin C (3.17%).

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