Perception of the Students of the Third Year of High School on GMO Foods

( Vol-6,Issue-5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Laina Pires Rosa, Larissa de Souza Barros, Leandra Cristina Crema Cruz, Rafael Silva de Souza, Talita Pereira de Souza Ferreira, Magno De Oliveira, Aloisio Freitas Chagas Junior, Lucas De Souza Barros, João Pedro Silva Beserra


Education, Transgenic, Knowledge, Foods.


The GMO foods are increasingly embedded in our daily diet, being frequent in your market presence. These foods have as objective the improvement of the production quality and resistance to pests and herbicides. But even though these foods are being consumed, there is no consensus in the scientific community about the safety of these foods for human health and the environment. Soon the present work aimed to go into the field to assess the knowledge and the vision of the high school students of the private network on the GMO foods, this from the application of questionnaires in schools of the municipality of Gurupi-TO and investigate whether This topic is discussed in the classroom.

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