PID Algorithm Applied on Led Lamps Luminosity Control

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Thales Ruano, Luan da Silva Serrão, Kleber Santana, Denise Andrade do Nascimento, Melanie Kaline Truquete


Dimmer, LED, controllers, PID.


Aiming sustainability and great demand of electric energy, there is a need for new technologies development, creating equipments to reduce costs generated by electric energy consumption, this article presents a prototype of control and energy monitoring applied dimmable LED lamp illumination circuit in a room, zenital architecture and sheds topology. To keep appropriated luminosity level, this system act monitoring natural light available on the environment and adjusting luminosity of the lamps, the control basis used in this project is a PID controller with retroaction because it is an industrial control algorithm very disseminated on automation sector which although being a robust system, it is very easy understanding and provide satisfactory results on automated processes. The control and monitoring take place from reading of luminosity sensors, of tension and current installed on prototype besides an LCD display that shows information from data obtained by sensors, this system has more flexibility to the user. A PID controller was designed to analyze and domain process, driving the system to get highest efficiency levels.

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