Propargyl alcohol as a corrosion inhibitor for AISI 304L stainless steel in hydrochloric acid

( Vol-5,Issue-10,October 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Fernando B. Mainier, Pedro Ivo F. S. Pegoraro, Marcus Vinicius Santoro


AISI 304 L stainless steel, corrosion, corrosion inhibitors, propargyl alcohol, hydrochloric acid.


Hydrochloric acid solutions (at concentrations of 5 to 28%) are used to acidify or acid-stimulate a rock-reservoir, increasing productivity of an oil well and removing calcareous deposits that lodge inside the carbon steel pipes. Typically, AISI 304 L stainless steel is used to manufacture various components, such as valves, adapters, rings, connectors, and rotors of pumps that are used in these acidifications. In order to guarantee the protection of both the carbon steel and the AISI 304 L, propargyl alcohol can be used as a corrosion inhibitor. The results of mass loss (gravimetric) and electrochemical tests (polarization curve) show a good efficiency of propargyl alcohol as a corrosion inhibitor for AISI 304 L stainless steel in concentrations of 5% (by volume) and 10% (by volume) of hydrochloric acid.

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