Site Design of Public Space under the Jenggolo Sidoarjo Flyover, East Java is reviewed from the Location Characteristics

( Vol-5,Issue-12,December 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Sigit Hadi Laksono


public open space, flyover, street vendors, behavioral architecture.


This public open space under the Sidoarjo jenggolo flyover is known to be not optimal in its operations, both from zoning arrangements, number of visitors, and types of activities. Based on the results of the analysis, the most prominent activity in this area is the central street vendors that are made as a substitute for street vendors who used to sell along the shoulder of the road. The existence of this center PKL from its operational time and sales has decreased by 50 percent compared to before, this is because the operational time of the center vendors is only effective at night. In addition, what affects the lack of optimism is that there is an empty space under the overpass that is not utilized. The space is left empty so that it gives the impression of slums, darkness, and crime-prone, so that with this empty space can cause a negative image on that location. The analysis that will be carried out is by reviewing the negative and positive potential of the open space, as well as reviewing in terms of behavior and user needs based on location characteristics. The design method used is qualitative descriptive method. As for the analysis technique used using walkthrough analysis and SWOT techniques. The final result of this study is the concept of developing an open space design under the overpass with a character approach from the local location. So that efforts to optimize existing activities can be achieved.

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