Small Leaves: Children in the Temples of Candomblé in the Backwoods of Brazil

( Vol-6,Issue-6,June 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Robson Marques dos Santos, Luciano Sergio Ventin Bomfim, Marcelo Silva de Souza Ribeiro, Joelma Conceição Reis Felipe, Ricardo Barbosa Bitencourt, Luis Eduardo Gomes do Nascimento, Maria Rosa Almeida Alves, Alzeni Tomaz, Luciano Silva de Menezes, Juracy Marques, André Luis O. P. de Souza, Daniela Santos Silva


Children and adolescents. Temples of Candomblé. Participation and initiation. To know. Backwoods of Brazil.


This study is a reflection of the realities experienced by three children and one adolescent from three Temples of Candomblé in the cities of Juazeiro / BA, Petrolina / PE and Paulo Afonso / BA (Sertão Nordestino Brasileiro), whose main objective was to describe, under their own perceptions, how their relationships are established in the process of participation (initiation, teaching and learning of knowledge) in these spaces of Afro-Brazilian religious cults. Two children were interviewed by ethnographic research in Terreiro Bandalecôngo de Mãe Maria de Tempo, in Juazeiro / BA; a child in the Terreiro Ilé Dará Axé Omo Logum Edé of Pai Adilson, in Petrolina / PE and; a teenager in the Abassá of the Goddess Oxum de Idjemim, in Paulo Afonso / BA. The method used was that of Content Analysis, according to Bardin (2016). It was concluded that the relationships involving children, childhood, religion, family and community are fundamental for the construction and (re) elaboration of knowledge and to know in the process of teaching and learning inside and outside the temples.

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