SMM: A Maturity Model of Smart Cities Based on Sustainability Indicators of the ISO 37122

( Vol-6,Issue-2,February 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Eber da Silva de Santana, Éldman de Oliveira Nunes, Diego Costa Passos, Leandro Brito Santos


Smart Cities, Maturity, ISO 37122, CMMI, COBIT.


Most indicators used for Smart Cities do not follow a pattern and/or are not able to be compared to each other In order to standardize the maturity evaluation of these cities, the present work aimed to propose a new framework to evaluate the maturity degree of a Smart City. The Sustainability Maturity Model (SMM) was inspired by CMMI maturity indices, by COBIT process controls and ISO 37122 indicators. Thus, the steps of the framework were developed, and a case study was carried out in a hypothetical city in order to validate it. As a result, it was observed that SMM allowed classifying the city by its maturity level based on the sustainability indicators of ISO 37122. This assessment can add value to a city aiming to become smart, and can serve as basis for applying new assessments and measuring the evolution of these environments.

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