Study and Analysis of Intz water tank with manual and software-based design with base isolation

( Vol-5,Issue-10,October 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Dhaval V. Shankhpal, Mr. Ankit Pal


Intz water tank, Seismic, Fixed Support, triple friction pendulum Support, SAP2000, Deflection, base shear.


The seismic response of an overhead water tank, cylindrical, extra-large water storage tank by using triple friction pendulum system is analyzed. Most of the overhead tanks have a fundamental frequency which includes a series of resonance of greatest earthquake ground motions. It is an operative way to reduce the response of an isolation system used for storage of water tanks under a sturdy earthquake. However, it is problematic to implement in preparation with common isolation bearings The research is directed with study of existing studies in the field of seismic behavior of intz water tank. Base isolation is one of the technologies applied to decrease the consequence of earthquake effect. The principle is to separate the base of the overhead water tank from footing ground. The problematic is taken as Intz water tank design to survive water tank against seismic accomplishment. three categories of base are used to analyses and compare overhead first is manual design of intz water tank with fixed base + response by SRSS and second case is intz water tank with fixed base by sap2000 and Third case with is intz water tank with triple friction pendulum on sap2000. The software SAP 2000 are used to assessment fixed and triple friction pendulum base intz water tank. It is primary period in India when overhead water tank is tested with triple friction pendulum isolation are analyzed for seismic zone V. It is initiate from results that deflection and base shear analyzed with triple friction pendulum are lesser than fixed base with outstanding margin and it is determined that study endorses use of triple friction pendulum base isolation for seismic zone V in India.

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