Study of Parking Capacity, Needs, and Effectiveness in Syamsudin Noor Banjarmasin Airport Banjarbaru City Province South Kalimantan

( Vol-6,Issue-2,February 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ade Ibrahim


airport parking parking capacity, parking requirements, parking effectiveness.


Syamsudin Noor Banjarmasin Airport is a public airport that is used for public purposes managed by PT. AngkasaPura I.The increasing number of aircraft passengers at the Syamsudin Noor Banjarmasin airport makes activities at the airport increasingly high, so that the need for adequate parking facilities is needed. Based on the terms of service it is 14m2/passenger for domestic and 17m2/passenger for international. So in this condition, Syamsudin Noor Airport has experienced Overcapacity. Therefore, to meet the requirements for eligibility standards, it is necessary to develop SyamsudinNoor Airport in the near future. The research method used was calculating the performance of the car park at the old terminal.Analysis of research data WAS to present a study analysis of capacity, parking requirements, and effectiveness, by measuring the parking accumulation, parking volume, parking duration, parking index, parking capacity, parking turn over, and parking supply. The next analysis is implementing the effectiveness of parking at the new airport terminal.Parking performance at Syamsudin Noor Airport for two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles is not sufficient for parking needs, where the volume of vehicles is greater than the airport's parking capacity. Parking effectiveness based on development at the new Syamsudin Noor Banjarmasin Airport terminal increase based on the parking space for two-wheeled vehicles is 7.300 vehicles,making it effective up to 16 years (in 2034), which are 6.730 units of two-wheeled vehicles.While the parking space for four-wheeled vehicles is as much as 3.800 vehicle unit, so it is effective up to 14 years (in 2032) which is for3.556 four-wheeled vehicle units.

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