Sustainability Analysis of Porto Velho City Through a Basket of Indicators

( Vol-6,Issue-5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Isaac Costa Araújo Filho, Artur de Sousa Moret, Gleimíria Batista da Costa, Tomas Daniel Menéndez Rodriguez


Sustainable Development. Sustainability Indicators. IDSMP.


Sustainability is a theme that is on the agenda of cities when discussing municipal development. This research adopts the methodology developed by Cândido, Vasconcelos e Souza (2010) that builds the Participatory Municipal Sustainable Development Index (IDSMP) and in this research the IDSMP is calculated for the city of Porto Velho, state of Rondônia. It is an instrument already used in several places, citing as examples the municipalities of Cabaceiras and Guarabira, in the state of Paraíba. This index is important so that public and private managers can make decisions about the directions of local sustainability. This is a qualitative and explanatory study. In the data collection phase, the results of 38 sustainability indicators were extracted, 7 of which were cultural, 12 were social, 05 were demographic, 04 were institutional policies, 04 were environmental, and 06 of the economic dimension. As a result, it can be shown that the municipality obtained the result of 1 on the cultural dimension, 0.6860 for the social dimension, 0.5159 for the demographic dimension, 0.7392 for the institutional political dimension, 0.4237 for the environmental dimension and 0.7713 for the economic dimension, which eventually generated an IDSMP of 0.6893 for the municipality and, according to the method, the locality is in an acceptable level of sustainability. It is worth mentioning that the parameter of interpretation of the result of this index is comprised between the numbers 0 and 1, the lowest level of sustainability being in result 0 and the largest is in 1.

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