The Concept of Precariousness: What Definition?

( Vol-6,Issue-7,July 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Zouhair LAKHYAR, Ghizlane BAOUSSY


Exclusion, Insecurity, Poverty, precariat, Precariousness, Vulnerability.


Through this article, we try to give a definition of the concept of precariousness by adopting a historical approach. Indeed, at the beginning the term "precariousness" was adopted in a way that confused poverty or exclusion without distinguishing the meaning of each of these terms. Then, this concept "precariousness" covered two social realities. The first is related to poverty and vulnerability and the second is associated with the different statuses of jobs. In the end, this notion has been developed by producing another a broader concept that is the precariat. This last word comes from the contraction of "precariousness" and "proletariat" to designate a new social class undermined by economic insecurity and the daily anxiety of precariousness.

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