The Disposal of E-Trash in the east zone of Manaus: The Disposal of Analog TVS

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Gilberto Arévalo Gonçalves, Alexandra Amaro de Lima, Igor Felipe Oliveira Bezerra


Environmental Impact; Reverse logistic; Electrical and Electronic Waste.


The disposal of thousands of electronic devices and waste in Manaus by the repair shops of electrical and electronic appliances in the peripheral districts of the city's East Zone and by the population in the public places where they are abandoned is a worrying phenomenon for the environment due to randomly, without the attendance to a public policy prioritizing the selective collection, or the reverse logistics to minimize or eliminate the damages caused by its components constituted by highly polluting substances such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic, copper, lead and aluminum that penetrate soil and groundwater contaminating plants and animals through water. This contamination can reach man through the food chain by ingestion of these foods. Studies on the potential contamination of these substances attest that the consequences of contamination can be a simple headache, vomiting, nervous system damage and cancer occurrence. The data obtained from the field research and its analysis allow us to conclude that this process is even more serious, as a consequence of the absence of public policies, or the existence of inefficient public policies, to promote selective collection and reverse logistics as tools to reduce impacts environmental impacts. Focusing on this reality, this paper presents a proposal for the adoption of a Program for the Selective Collection of Electrical and Electronic Products (PCSEE) to carry out joint actions between public authorities and workshop owners, motivated through public incentives.

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