The Implementation of Scientific Approach with Project Based Learning Model to Improve Students’ Analytical Skill and Responds

( Vol-5,Issue-10,October 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Nadiah Norma Yuniarti, Susanto, Muhtadi Irvan


Scientific approach, project based learning, analytic skill, students’ response


Scientific Approach used in the teaching and learning activities, has become one of the ways that is regulated by the government to improve the students' analytical skills. The Scientific Approach includes “5M” activities namely observing, questioning, experimenting, associating, and communicating. In implementing this approach in Indonesia, the teachers only use two kinds of books: teacher’s and student’s book; as a reference in the process of learning. One of the learning methods with the scientific characteristics is the Project Based Learning. Project Based Learning is a learning method that uses problems, as the first step to collect and integrate new knowledge, which is based on the real-life experience. The purpose of this research is to improve the students' analytic skill and responsiveness with the application of Scientific Approach-based learning using Project Based Learning Model. In the development of Scientific Approach-based resources with Project Based Learning model to improve the students' analytic skill, it was found that the average point of 3 validators for the lesson plan (RPP) was 4.66%, for the students’ worksheet (LKDP) was 4.6% and for the achievement test (THB) was 4.66%; which have met the criteria of valid. Moreover, from the students’ responds of the questionnaire, it was found that an average of 73.86% of the students stated that they liked the teaching and learning processes.

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