The Perception of Leaderships On Governance In The Extractive Reserves Of The State Of Rondônia

( Vol-6,Issue-4,April 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Gleimiria Batista da Costa, Bruna Lívia Timbó de Araújo Balthazar, Nilda dos Santos, Jackson Balthazar de Arruda Câmara, Aline Maiara da Silva Lima, Rosalina Alves Nantes


Extractive Reserves. Governance. Leadership.


Governance relies on a set of principles, rules and procedures that stakeholders (the ones interested in the results and performance of the organization) establish to optimize the management of organizations. It was developed a research of applied nature and quantitative approach, where bibliographical procedures and surveys were used to reach the descriptive goals. The proposal was developed, in the first stage, by constructing a theoretical framework on governance based on literature and based on institutional documents and regulations. It has been found that Disclosure is an obligation to inform or give transparency of the product of strategies, policies and processes, Accountability is essential in mandatory reports and also as an instrument of transparency of acts spontaneously, and Compliance, that states that managers must ensure for the sustainability of organizations, through the goal of sustainability. The research findings reflect a disturbing reality regarding the involvement of managers in regard of the importance of the information to extractivists, as well as the qualitative nature of the information provided by the institutions. In the observation, the highlighted concept was accountability.

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