The Regulatory Framework of Organic Agriculture in Brazil and Sustainability

( Vol-8,Issue-4,April 2021 ) OPEN ACCESS

Mary Monalisa de Carvalho Costa, Ricardo José Rocha Amorim, Carlos Alberto Batista dos Santos


Agroecology, Sustainability, Agricultural Legislation.


This paper is a bibliographical review article about the regulatory framework of organic agriculture in Brazil (Law 10.831 of 2003) and its relationship with environmental sustainability. From a historical perspective of organic agriculture, it is shown that it arose from the organization of social movements characterized by concern for more sustainable agricultural models in relation to conventional agriculture. Organic agriculture is one of the aspects of agroecology that has as its mark the standardization of the norms and techniques of the agricultural production system, as well as the certification of food quality, which guarantees the consumer a food security.

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Received: 03 Dec 2020; Received in revised form: 17 Feb 2021; Accepted: 16 Mar 2021; Available online: 08 Apr 2021

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