The struggles of traditional communities in land and territory in the Brazilian Semiarid

( Vol-6,Issue-5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Rosiane Rocha Oliveira Santos, Antônio de Santana Padilha Neto, Janedalva Pontes Gondim, José Moacir dos Santos, Irio Luiz Conti


Cultural identity, Grass background, Natural patrimony, Social movements, Traditional Communities.


This item features the hinterland of pasture fund communities in Bahia and provides an overview of the involved conflicts and impasses in their struggles for land and territory according to their socio-cultural tradition. What happens in Bahia is an innovative experience in terms of political identity formation and social and economic organization in the territory, from the conflicts over the possession and use of land, which focuses on changes in land tenure policy of traditional communities in the region. The Social Struggle by Pasto Funds Movement came from peasants who were not represented by the existing movements and organizations and have organized to fight for the legal right to land and territory, which for centuries occupy in collective ownership system, and public policy that promote social development, economic and environmental importance Do not defeat their lifestyles that protect and conserve the fauna and flora of the savanna biome. Traditional communities organized grazing background, who live from the extraction and management of small loose animals, are guardians of the natural and cultural heritage of the Semi-arid, with a way of life that protects and preserves the fauna and flora of this genuinely Brazilian biome.

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