The Traditional Fishing in Parana Coast- Brazil, Implications, potentialities and Socioeconomics Aspects

( Vol-6,Issue-1,January 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Adilson Anacleto, Mariane Neves França, Karoline de Assunção Gomes, Marcos Paulo Marcondes Junior, Vinicius Vieira Surian


caiçara culture, fish, seafood, micron industry, small-scale trade transformation.


Paraná, a South Brazilian state, has a spectacular coast with coves, bays and islands. From the state coast, 90 kilometers are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and along the coast, 60 communities with a population of 4256 fishermen practice a traditional fishing activity in the bays and open sea. Canoe is the most used boat in this small-scale trade. The question that aimed the research was the importance of the canoe fishing activity by the fishermen perception, then trace an elaborated understanding view about the social and economic effects and finally observe the potential development of the activity in the region and the management and helpful actions by the fishing associations. An exploratory and descriptive field research were conducted by Interviews specially targeted to 30 canoe fisherworkers from Paraná coast cities between July and October 2018 for the study.The research exposed that male fisherworkers are in the 44 age group and still use low technology in the fishing activity. The main potential observed was the good quality of the fish that are sold fresh without being frozed to be sold, the possibility of a production improvement and the exploit and development of an active participation from the female local labour helping. Sale instability, low price out of the summer season and lack of organization by the fisherworkers class and fishing local association were the negative aspects observed. Micro management and micro industrialization could be the solution for the excess of winter production in relation to low production in the summer season, when occurs massive consumers presence. Collective organization could result in a strenghthening trade and bargain involved in the fishing Paraná coast activity.

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