Thermal requirements, life table and estimate of number of Trichogramma galloi in eggs of Neoleucinodes elegantalis

( Vol-6,Issue-12,December 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Débora Ferreira Melo Fragoso, Dirceu Pratissoli, Luis Moreira de Araujo Junior, Alixelhe Pacheco Damascena, José Romário de Carvalho, Hugo Bolsoni Zago


biological control, parasitoid, pest management, small fruit borer, tomato.


The Neoleucinodes elegantalis is considered one of the main tomato pests, as it directly damages the fruit. The use of the parasitoid Trichogramma galloi in the management of N. elegantalis requires studies for knowledge of parasitoid behavior regarding the pest to be managed. The objective of this research was to evaluate the behavior of T. galloi for the management of N. elegantalis, through thermal requirements and of life table. According to the results, the fetal develop of T. galloi starts when the temperature remains above 8.02 ± 0.2°C and the heat buildup for complete development is of 159.74 ± 3.88°C degree days (DD). The number of generations of T. galloi was estimated to the five largest municipalities from the Espírito Santo state (Venda Nova do Imigrante, Domingos Martins, Conceição do Castelo, Vargem Alta and Santa Maria do Jetibá), checking that T. galloi may have 24.72 to 35.37 generations per year according to the temperatures reached in each region studied.

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