Water Quality Assessment through PCA Analysis

( Vol-6,Issue-3,March 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Cristiane Gomes, Diogo Sperandio, Natália Borges, Aline Barbosa, Arthur Viçozzi, Guilherme Pazinato Dias


Jaguari, PCA, Water.


This aim presents the first detailed geochemical data of water of the Jaguari stream, Lavras do Sul-RS. In this study we use Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to establish geochemical grouping that can be related back to likely mining, lithological and anthropic actives in the region. The results indicated that the high concentrations of Cu, Rh and Cd have a close relationship to local anthropic activities and lithological with geochemical changes seasonal fluctuations. The geochemistry results too indicated waters classified as soft and hard (total hardness range from 53.02 to 79.28 mg L-1), neutral pH, and electric conductivity ranged from 157.1 to 184.9 µs cm-1. All measured values met the potability standards for human consumption established by Ordinance Nos. 2914 (2011), 36-GM/1990, and 1469/2000.

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