What do we know about Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty? A Bibliometric Analysis

( Vol-6,Issue-6,June 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Edmir Vieira Lima Sobrinho, Wellington Gonçalves


Bibliometric analysis; Structure of knowledge; Conceptual evolution; Emerging trends; Consumer behavior.


In this study, we explored the Status Quo of the academic literature on customer satisfaction and loyalty, and its research developments. In order to do so, we performed a bibliometric analysis from 1,358,318 scientific articles extracted from the periodical CAPES, over a period of 10 years, using three research axes. As results, we indicate some insights and research paths. Within this context, one of the main contributions of this work was to carry out research with the creation of a framework, which presents the Status Quo on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Based on these results, we propose topics that can be used in agendas for future research. These themes offer the potential to advance scientific knowledge about the relationships and interrelationships between customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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