Youth and Transitory: The Profile of IRPAA Residents and the aspects of their Training

( Vol-6,Issue-6,June 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Alexandre Junior de Souza Menezes, Ricardo José Rocha Amorim


Training, Juvenile hybridity, Transient movement, Narratives.


This article aims to broaden the specificity of the historical approach that revolves around the discussion of "student republics" and "youth", as well as to develop theoretical/ methodological considerations about the youth condition experienced by these young people. Ten (10) collaborators are used methodologically, with six (6) young people living and four (4) living in a student republic maintained by a non-governmental organization located in the city of Juazeiro, Bahia, where offer training opportunities in the context of living with the semi-arid region, which contrasts with the technical and vocational training under which they are subjected. It presents as main results the reflection that these young people who are of different origins, whether from the countryside with traditional bases (indigenous people, quilombolas, fishermen, family farmers, relatives, pasture fund, social movements, etc.) being the result of the process of construction of the subject, based on the juvenile hybridity, influenced by the transient movements, which is the main challenge to think about and propose formative processes that meet the specific needs of these subjects, whether in the educational field, social movements and / or human ecology.

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