A Review on Storage of Pure Methane Gas in LPG Tank

( Vol-5,Issue-5,May 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Mr. Yogesh S. Kale, Mr. Deepak A. Chalwadi, Mr. Satyam S. Jadhav, Mr. Amit R. Bhardwaj, Mr. Shridhar S. tambade


Anaerobic Digester, Bacteria, Biodegradable Kitchen Waste and Cow Dung, Methane Gas.


This paper evaluates the use of renewable sources of energy i.e. biogas and suitability of a compact biogas system as a centralized decomposition of solid waste like kitchen waste and cow dung etc. and treatment option for the organic decomposition and fraction use of pure methane gas for the cooking, power generation purpose etc. This paper gives an idea and state of art innovations and research in the field of waste digestion and utilization of wasteful energy. In air-tight anaerobic digester bacteria were flourished and used for digestion of kitchen food waste and cow dung. Tremendous amount of Bio-gas was found to be produced which can be utilized for cooking or gas powered vehicles.

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