Afrodite Project - Proposal of Biocompatible Nipples for Patients with Breast Cancer and Victims of Accidents

( vol-11,Issue-7,July 2024 ) OPEN ACCESS

Filippi Benevenutto Ongarelli , Huemerson Maceti, Júlia Reis Marques, Patrícia Dário Bertasso, Nicole Isabelle Borge Fernandes


Nipples, Breast Cancer, 4.0 Technology.


Through the ages, breasts have played multiple roles, ranging from a source of nourishment to a source of pleasure and a symbol of femininity. The loss of these not only poses challenges of a physical nature but also prominent psychological disturbances, especially when associated with the context of breast cancer. In the current period, it is observed that an estimated contingent of 2.3 million individuals faced this arduous battle in the year 2020 (according to data from INCA - Instituto Nacional de Câncer), a struggle that left a myriad of physical scars and psychological traumas in its wake. Among the painful sequels, the deprivation of the areola stands out, whose reconstruction, unlike the breasts themselves, presents a notably more complex challenge. Regardless of the gender of the affected person and the circumstances that led to the deprivation of that essential part of their integrity, it is imperative that all those who experience such misfortune receive unconditional support. It was in this spirit of solidarity that a meticulously crafted silicone prosthesis was conceived, with the purpose of reproducing the lost areola(s) for those affected by this painful situation. This piece is remarkable in its total customization, adapting precisely to a wide range of models. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that its application does not require surgical procedures, thus enabling the restoration of self-confidence and the sparkle in the eyes of those who have already suffered too much. It is pertinent to emphasize that this innovative endeavor received valuable support from the facilities of the FABLAB "Espaço Maker" of Colégio Puríssimo, equipped with devices such as scanners and 3D printers. With the guidance provided by specialized literature in the areas of reverse engineering, human anatomy, psychoanalysis, art history, and humanity, a deep knowledge was obtained that constituted secure foundations for the practices adopted in this context.

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Received: 09 May 2024, Receive in revised form: 15 Jun 2024, Accepted: 24 Jun 2024, Available online: 05 Jul 2024

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