Characteristics and Functionality of Probiotic Bacteria’s Supplemented in the Ration of Country Chickens

( Vol-5,Issue-5,May 2018 ) OPEN ACCESS

Tony dos Reis Loss Franzin


Additives. Country Chickens. Animal Health. Yield.


The objective of this article is to present, in the form of a bibliographic review, the main characteristics and functionalities of probiotics, highlighting their importance in the dietary management of country chickens and the innumerable benefits that the inclusion of this additive in the diet can provide for animal health. The use of antimicrobial additives (antibiotics) contributed to the development of industrial and colonial poultry; however, the reflection of the indiscriminate use of these additives has raised concerns regarding the development of bacterial resistance in birds. Probiotics emerged as a viable and reliable alternative, to promote sanitation and poultry production, which favored its application in the feeding management of large or small batches of poultry.

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