Cooperation and Competitiveness in Brazilian Crafted beer Production: The case of gypsy breweries in Goiás State

( Vol-6,Issue-6,June 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Cintia Neves Godoi, Bento Alves da Costa Filho, Alcido Elenor Wander, Polliana Guimarães Lopes, Gabriela Vilela Souza


crafted beer, gypsy breweries, cooperation, competition.


This paper aimed to present and discuss the craft beer production in Goias state, Brazil, where brewers do not own the necessary equipment (gypsy breweries). Therefore, a literature review combined with qualitative interviews with gypsy brewers were carried out. The industrial and crafted forms of production have not been annulled, and forms of production have arisen that involved processes of sharing the infrastructures of large companies and crafted producers, as in the case of gypsy breweries, cuckoo or ghosts. The practices of gypsy breweries, therefore, left Europe and gained the world, and came to materialize in Goiás, Brazil. A country that stands out in the production and consumption of beer. Among the main positive aspects of the practice of gypsy brewing in Goiás, it was possible to perceive the stimulation of diversified consumption, the possibility of using equipment in a more efficient way, taking advantage of moments of vacancy, sharing knowledge, and stimulating improvement in the quality of production, and, among the main bottlenecks are the distribution structures of production, and, the existing taxes in Brazil.

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