Geotraceability: An Innovative Strategy for Extraction of Information and an Aid for the Sustainable Cattle Raising

( Vol-6,Issue-5,May 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Ricardo Guimarães Andrade, Mateus Batistella, Pedro Paulo Pires, Marcos Cezar Visoli, Thaís Basso Amaral


animal behavior, cattle raising, geo decision system, geo traceability, sustainability.


The requirement of traceability of information for food is an increasingly important condition for gaining the confidence and loyalty of the consumer. The concept of geotraceability arose through the association between knowledge of a geographical nature with the traditional information provided by traceability. This study explored the use of design of spatial information inherent to biophysical parameters of the pasture (vegetation indices and evapotranspiration) combined with data collection on the mobility of cattle in pasture areas for extraction and availability of spatially explicit information that can assist sustainable cattle production. From the trajectories, it was observed the existence of a typical behavioral pattern of the animals, such as the preference to walk towards clean and flat terrain, search for areas that present better thermal comfort or regions near to supplementary feeding (salt, food, etc.) and the access to water. Overall, it is noticed that in a pasture environment, the animals prioritize their primary physiological needs, that is, water consumption and thermal regulation. The results are promising in terms of applied research for behavioral analysis of animals and environmental interactions associated with mobility. The technique used in the study has the potential to be applied in the implementation of cattle production geodecision systems that support good production practices and favor the quality and safety of food with environmental sustainability.

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