Vol.-1, Issue-7, December 2014

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1. Implementation of LC Filter in Torque Ripple Minimization of Sensorless BLDC Motor
  S.Manivel, T.Manikandan, P.Saravanan
1-8 Download
2. Warning Information Provided with Child Care Products: An Application to Safety
  Neha Tripathi, Seema Kwatra
9-13 Download
3. The Application of Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms for Recognition Using Biometrics of the Hand
  Lúcia Sousa, Joăo Gama
14-24 Download
4. Comparative Channel Capacity Analysis of a MIMO Rayleigh Fading Channel with Different Antenna Spacing and Number of Nodes
  Anand Jain, Kapil Kumawat, Harish Maheshwari
25-29 Download
5. Study of Annealing and Hydrogenation Effect on Bilayer Mg-Co Thin Film by Thermal Vacuum Deposition
 Dr. Mahesh K. Jangid
30-34 Download
6. An Area Efficient Carry Select Adder for Signal Processing Applications
 M.Ramalingam, T.Rajesh
35-38 Download
7. Pick and place of Robotic Vehicle by using an Arm based Solar tracking system
 S. Senthilkumar, L. Ramachandran, R. S. Aarthi
39-43 Download
8. Image Segmentation Techniques – A Review
 Praveen Agrawal, Ashok Kajla, Manish.N.Raverkar
44-46 Download
9. Study on Ontology Model for Web Information Gathering
 Mrs. N.Kanagavalli, Dr. R.Meenakshi, Mr. N.Velmurugan
47-50 Download
10. Infrared Spectra and Thermodynamic Functions of 5-Iodo-Uracil
 Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sharma
51-56 Download
11. An Efficient Way of Increasing Capacity of Hybrid Wireless Mesh Networks with Random APs
 G. Karthikeyan, R. Baskar, N. Indhumathi, R. Jayaprakash, S. Manimegalai
57-62 Download
12. Analytical investigation of boring bar for chatter
 Thakkar Akshay Dilipbhai, D H Pandya
63-67 Download
13. A Case Study of Biogas Upgradation by Water Scrubbing: Laboratory Model for Purification and Effective Storage in LPG Cylinders for Cooking Applications
 N.H.S.Ray, P.R.Swain, M.K.Mohanty, R.C.Mohanty
68-75 Download
14. Effect of Cavity in Substrate on Multiband Circular Micro-strip Patch Antenna
 Payal Jindal, Sandeep Toshniwal
81-85 Download