Vol.-2, Issue-2, February 2015

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1. Implementation of Microgrid for Optimal Power and Tariff Management in Institutions
  S.Karthickkumar, G.S.Satheeshkumar
1-7 Download
2. Coupled Mobile Phone Period with peak Flow Meter Enables Real-Time Lung Purpose Assessment
  Kavitha.S, Jayandran.S, Navas.E, Premkumar. S
8-14 Download
3. A Survey on Efficient Memory in Video Codec using Hybrid Algorithm
  T. Bernatin, Priya Rani, Alka Kumari
15-20 Download
4. e-Disha : An Analytical Review
  Nancy Garg, Ashwani Kush
21-24 Download
5. Designing of ATM using High Speed Cam
  T.Jini, J.Akila
25-29 Download
6. A Review on Multimedia Recommendation System to Detect Spammer and Detector
  G. R. Umarani , Dr. T. Nalini
30-35 Download
7. Normalization based K means Clustering Algorithm
  Deepali Virmani,Shweta Taneja,Geetika Malhotra
36-40 Download
8. A Survey Study on Zone and Energy Based Clustering Routing Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Networks
  Sunil Kumar, Vinith Chauhan, Krishna Mohan Rai
41-48 Download
9. A Review on “Blue Eye Technology”
  Priti Kumari, Loveleen Kumar
49-54 Download
10. Kernel Learning Algorithm for Increasing the Performance of Cross Sensors
  Sruthi P. P., Prof. V. Gopi
55-58 Download