Vol.-3, Issue-2, February 2016

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1. Modal Analysis of Laminated Composite Material with Actuators on Cantilever Beam Using ANSYS

Author- Ravichetan Dharenni, Ashok M H, Santoshkumar Malipatil
Abstract- It is important to design a higher load carrying in mechanical design at a lighter capacity which is essential. When it becomes lighter in weight vibration may cause prominent, hence active control methods can be used to reduce the undesired vibration. By using different damping methods vibration of system can be controlled. Researchers found smarter way reducing the vibration that is called as active vibration control using smart materials. In our case smart materials are used on composite materials which produce signals such as temperature, voltage, pressure and magnitude and so on. These materials have ability to transform one type of energy into another. In present work it is aimed on Modal analysis of composite structure with piezoelectric material under free and force vibrations. ANSYS software provides a mean FE modeling of smart structures. Piezoelectric materials are able to exhibit a strong coupling between the mechanical degrees of freedom and the electrical degrees of freedom. Modal analysis is carried out through ANSYS on smart materials.
Keywords- Active control, Modal analysis, Smart material, Vibration.
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2. Fabrication of Direct Evaporative Cooler and its Performance Analysis for Different Materials In Hot and Dry Climates

Author- Utkarsh Tripathi, Dr. R.M.Sarviya, Veeresh Fuskele
Abstract- This paper studies the performance analysis of different evaporative pad materials such as Charcoal, Activated Charcoal, Sponge of Sponge Guard ( Gilki in Hindi), brick bats and a combination of Wood Wool and Charcoal has been done in a specially design and fabricated evaporative cooling system. The objective is to analyse cooling effectiveness and cooling capacity at different velocities of air. Indore-MP and nearby places where temperature is in the range of 39 0C to 42 0C in summer days with relative humidity 22% to 29 %, in this scenario evaporative cooling is a good option. This analysis has been done on a special evaporative cooler maintains cool interior temperature for food preservation purpose. While these devices are not typically capable of maintaining temperatures of 2-3 degrees Celsius, they can be significantly cooler than ambient temperature. An evaporative cooler uses the principal of evaporative cooling to maintain a cool interior temperature for refrigeration and food preservation. The device is constructed from an open timber frame with evaporative pad material filled sides, which is kept continually moist. As warm, dry air flows through the moist material, water is evaporated into the air and it is cooled.
Keywords- Evaporative Cooling, Direct and Indirect Evaporative Cooling, Cooling Effectiveness and Cooling Capacity. Activated charcoal.
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3. Employee Turnover-A Study of its Cause and Effect with Special reference to Automobile Sector

Author- Prof. Swati Bankar, Prof. Dr. M. D. Kakade, Mr. Akash More
Abstract- Productivity is the most important factor for any industry or the organization. There are number of factors on which the productivity of the organization depends upon. And employee turnover is considered to be one of the challenging issues in the today competitive business nowadays. The employee turnover has received considerable attention by the organizations this days as it is very closely related to the growth and development of any organizations Employees turnover is an important issue for not only the automobile industry but also the service and IT industry.It has proven to be one of the most costly and seemingly inflexible human resource challenges confronting by several organizations globally All important factors such as Productivity, overall efficiency, quality etc gets affected by an issue of employee turnover. Therefore impact of turnover has received considerable attentionby senior management, professionals and industrial psychologists. This research paper focus on the different factors that are responsible for the labor turnover in an automobile industry. It also focus on the different major to be consider in order to reduce these problem from all the different sector of the industry.
Keywords- employee turnover, automobile sector, factors.
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4. Hot Ice Crystal Sheet for Fire Control in Highrise Buildings

Author- Prof. Dr. A. W. Dhawale, Abhinav Rai
Abstract- This paper addresses the approach to minimize the losses of life and property during extreme fire hazards in the high rise buildings. The basic principle behind this is to restrict the fire in a particular zone such that it will not spread in vertical as well as horizontal direction in between the floors. The aim of this study is to restrict the fire spread which will lead to the increase in efficiency of emergency response team by providing them a confined target to work on. Fire in a building can be divided into two main zones i.e. Red zone and Black zone. Red zone is the point of origin of the fire where temperature is very high and smoke is generated at increased rates so this zone needs speedy emergency evacuation plans. Black zone is the area where temperature of the smoke is very less as compared to Red zone so it can be considered as the secondary target during the rescue operations. For achieving safety; performance based design is required. In this paper the use of Hot Ice Crystal sheet is discussed for fire control. The argument is also made regarding the comparative performance of the above mentioned technique with the rest.
Keywords- Black zone, Disaster management, Emergency provisions, Fire protection, hot Ice Crystal Sheet, Performance based design, Red zone, Smoke generation.
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5. Groundwater quality in eastern area of North Kordofan State, Sudan

Author- AM Ahmed*, AK Abd El Aal*, NA Abu el Bashar
Abstract- This study was carried out for investigation of the quality of ground water in the area that lies in the eastern part of North Kordofan State. The study depends on chemical analysis of water samples collected from 20 water wells, to investigate its suitability for humans, animals and for agricultural purposes, and compare it with the Sudanese and the world Health organization standards. The dominant rock type of the study area is the basement rocks, Nubian Sand Stones recent sediments and Um Ruwaba sedimentary rocks. The study concluded that most of the analyzed elements of the ground water at the south east of the study area, have high salinity which hinders the above mentioned usages, but the ground water in the south-west area of the study is suitable for different purposes and usages.
Keywords- Groundwater, Hydrogeology, physical and chemical parameters, Um Ruwaba.
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6. Analysis of Medical Image Processing and its Application in Healthcare

Author- Dr. K.Sakthivel, B.R.Swathi, S.Vishnu Priyan, C.Yokesh
Abstract- Medical image processing is the most challenging and emerging field now a days.With fundamentally improving technical knowledge, enhanced technological support and well-constructed medical equipment, medical diagnosis is increasingly becoming easy for doctors and medical staffs. However accurate diagnosis is still not possible. The approximate values and prediction may effect to a certain range but do not provide a cure.This is due to using of multiple and multiple testing systems when choosing between best and reliable becomes questionable.When it comes to Scan,X-rays and MRIs, the image results between each test samples shows significant variations and it is still arguable to find out the best pick.As MRIs are better choice due to it’s considerable efficiency rate, it has been often preferred in medical image diagnosis.Processing of MRI image is one of the integral part of this field. The proposed strategy is to detect,analyze and extract the tumor from patient’s MRI scan images of the brain. This method incorporates with some noise removal functions, segmentation,filtering processes and morphological operations which are the basic concepts of image processing.MATLAB provides a complete full packed environment to support image analysis domain with some built-in function and wide range of image processing tools.Thus,detection and extraction of tumor cells from MRI scan images of the brain is done by using MATLAB software.
Keywords- GUI, MATLAB, MRI, Segmentation, Enhancement.
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7. Heart Disease Prediction using K Nearest Neighbour and K Means Clustering

Author- Dr.Mohanraj.E,SubhaSuryaa.K, Sudha.P, Sarath Kumar.K
Abstract- The widespread application of data mining is highly noticeable fields like e-business, marketing and retail has led to its application in other industries and healthcare sectors. The healthcare environs are still information rich but that has poor knowledgeable data. Techniques in Data mining have been commonly used to extract knowledgeable information from medical data bases Today medical field have come a long way to treat patients with various kind of diseases. Among the most menacing one is the Heart disease which cannot be detected with a stripped eye and comes suddenly when its boundaries are reached. Bad medical decisions would cause death of a patient which cannot be afforded by any hospital. To achieve a correct and cost effective treatment computer-based and support Systems can be developed to make good decision. Many hospitals use hospital information systems to manage their healthcare or patient data. These systems produce huge amounts of data in the form of images, text, charts and numbers. K nearest neighbor and K means used to support the medical decision making efficiently.
Keywords- K Nearest Neighbor, K Means.
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8. Effective Ranking in Social Media

Author- Mekala.R, Sindhu.S, Suvathi.T, Pavithra.V
Abstract- Data mining, the extraction of predictive information from large databases allowing businesses to make proactive decisions. Automated prediction of trends and behaviors improves the targeted marketing. Social media analytics help organizations to make the consumer at the center of the social marketing process. This mines the customer sentiment and opinion by effective tracking of information to support marketing. The analysis helps companies to connect directly with customers. The relationship between the groups of products and the items are identified by effective analysis method to improve the target business market. Apriori algorithm is used to mine frequent item set from the market basket databases and the number of lift are also recorded. Filtering through these rules makes effective transaction of data. Visualization rule is used to manage the large amount of data. The techniques used are aimed at uncovering the associations and interpretation of the data sets. The pattern of frequently purchased products analyzed to improve marketing strategies.
Keywords- Apriori, Visualization, Social Media, Ranking.
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9. Review on Fatigue behaviour of Polymeric Biomaterials with Natural Fibers

Author- Dr. Chandrashekhar Bendigeri, Jwalesh H.N.
Abstract- Natural fibre reinforced polymer biocomposites (NFPBCs) constitute an important branch in the field of green composite materials. [2]. This is because the increase in scientific research towards having sustainable approach to use the biomaterials in biomedical applications in order to have light, cost effective implants with biocompatibility requirement. Various natural fibers such as jute, hemp, cotton, sisal, coconut fibers and other natural materials being used to create biomaterial for specific usage and applications. An increase in environmental concern invites the development of new eco friendly materials having light weight and superior mechanical performance [3]. The role of natural and manmade fibers reinforced hybrid composite materials are growing in a faster rate in the field of engineering and technology due to its favorable properties. In the present unsustainable environmental condition natural fibers are serving better material in terms of biodegradability, low cost, high strength and corrosion resistance when compared to conventional materials [9].The addition of CaCO3, Al2O3, and TiO2 Microfillers [14] to the biocomposites will enhance the physico-mechanical properties of the materials. The present work will categorically discusses the various researches being carried out to find out the fatigue properties of various natural fibre reinforced biocomposites through experimental and as well as analytical methods .
Keywords- Natural Fibers, Bio-materials, Fatigue, Microfillers, Implants.
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10. Application of Finite Element Method in Solidification of Metal during Casting

Author- Rahul Kshetri, Dheeraj Gunwant
Abstract- The process of solidification is complex in nature and the simulation of such process is required in industry before it is actually undertaken. It is a non-linear transient phenomenon, posing a challenge in terms of modelling and analysis. Finite element method is used to simulate the heat transfer process accompanying the solidification process. During the solidification of a casting in a mold, the heat-transfer between the casting and the mold plays a vital role. This work attempts to study heat flow within the casting, as well as from the casting to the mold, and finally obtains the temperature history of all points inside the casting. The most important instant of time is when the hottest region inside the casting is solidifying. ANSYS software has been used to obtain the temperature distribution in the casting process by performing Transient Thermal Analysis.
Keywords- ANSYS, Casting, Solidification, Finite Element Method.
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11. Meter Data Acquisition System Implementation: (a lesson learned)

Author- Jaswinder Singh, Gursewak Singh Brar
Abstract- This study will underline the brief the experience of the MDAS system on-going implementations process in the power distribution utilities. This research described the major areas need for better synchronization within current system and the upcoming smart grid projects. The objective of this research includes the study of current ongoing implementation under RAPDRP and investigates the challenges and lessons learned from this work.
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12. A Survey-Cotton Leaf Disease Detection Using Image Processing

Author- N. R. Deepa, Dr. S. Gunasekaran, G. Kausalya
Abstract- The plant disease detection has become significant growth in monitoring large area of crops. The early detection of disease in leaf can control the disease in plants. This paper presents a survey on methods that detect, quantify and classify the disease in cotton leaf. This paper compares benefits and limitations of classification algorithm and need for leaf disease detection in agriculture field. This paper is useful to people those who are working in pattern recognition and image processing.
Keywords- Support Vector Machine (SVM), Fuzzy classifier, Genetic Algorithm (GA), k-Means Clustering, Otsu’s method.
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13. Review of Enhancement in Mechanical Properties using Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI)

Author- C S Wadageri, R V Kurahatti
Abstract- Austempered ductile cast iron (ADI) has arisen as significant engineering material in recent years. It has exhibited outstanding mechanical properties from perspective of structural applications. These include high strength with good ductility, good wear resistance, fatigue strength and fracture toughness. Hence its vast usage as an economical substitute for conventional materials in several structural applications especially in the automotive industry has drawn attention of researchers. Lot of research is been reported in this area. Brief review on the same is presented in this paper.
Keywords- ADI, Fatigue properties, Strain hardening, Stepped Austempering.
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14. Survey on Security Architecture for 4G Wireless Networks

Author- R. Sugitha, M. Leeban Moses
Abstract- Security is the vital factor in communication networks but it is always critical in wireless networks such as WiMAX. The Initial Network Entry Procedure is the process to establish a connection in IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) networks deals with unencrypted message transmission which results in major security flaws. Authentication is the main factor and when if it is not well safeguarded, all the other security factors will become vulnerable. Denial of Service (DoS) and Man In The Middle (MITM) are such attacks which degrades the performance of the network. Focusing on these two kinds of attacks this paper incorporates with some of the authentication mechanisms such as SINEP, PKM, EAP and SAI which enhances the efficiency of WiMAX security.
Keywords- DoS, MITM, WiMAX, Authentication, PKM, SINEP, EAP, SAI.
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15. Surface Runoff Estimation using Remote Sensing & GIS based Curve Number Method

Author- Ishtiyaq Ahmad, Dr. M. K. Verma
Abstract- One of the important components of hydrologic cycle is runoff and influenced by various factors including precipitation and watershed characteristics. Numbers of mathematical models are available to quantify runoff. National Resources Conservation Service (NRSC) has developed a Geographic Information System (GIS) based method known as Soil Conservation Services-Curve Number method (SCS-CN) for computing the runoff depth based on the rainfall depth. This method has universal acceptance as it is simple, predictable and stable method for computing runoff depth. This method is based on one parameter i.e. curve number, which is basically a coefficient that reduces the rainfall to runoff. In the present study SCS-CN method has been applied to estimate the runoff depth in Kharun River basin, a sub-basin of Sheonath river in Chhattisgarh state. Various layers has been prepared namely base map, soil map, land use map and other map of the study area using GIS and remote sensing data. Based on the rainfall data of 21 raingauge stations in and around the study area, daily runoff depth has been estimated.
Keywords- Curve Number, Hydrologic Soil Group, Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing, Runoff.
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