Vol.-2, Issue-1, January 2015

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1. Design of Integrated Super Bracket for Heavy Commercial vehicles
  Amar Vhanshetti, Nitin S. Chavan
1-5 Download
2. Circularly Polarized Dualband Switched-Beam Antenna Array for GNSS
  A. Renuka devi, S. Senthilkumar , L. Ramachandran
6-9 Download
3. Comparison of Lipid Content and Fatty Acid Composition of Malted and Non-Malted Barley
  Keri Alhadi Ighwela
10-13 Download
4. Supplier Selection with Structure Equation Models
  Chun-Ta, Lin Cheng-I, Hou, Sheng-you Huang
14-23 Download
5. Code Verification Work of Sybil Attack in Wireless Sensor Network
 Gayatri Devi, Rajeeb Sankar Bal, Shubhashree Tripathy
24-30 Download
6. Soil moisture variation over parts of Saharanpur and Haridwar districts (India) during November-2006 to June-2007 as observed by multi-polarized (VV/HH & VV/VH) ENVISAT-1 temporal ASAR data
 Hari Shanker Srivastava, Pavan Kumar Sharma, Dheeraj Kumar, Thota Sivasankar, Ravi Shankar Mishra, Mayank Mishra, Parul Patel
31-39 Download
7. A Review Paper on Hydrological Modelling and Climate Change in India
 Shaikh Zuned Mohmed Raffi, Dr. Pradeep P Lodha
40-41 Download
8. An approach to improve performance in Security using elliptic curve cryptography over RSA
 Dileep Kumar Agarwal, Sudhir Rathi
42-46 Download
9. Seismic Analysis of Elevated Circular Water Tank using various Bracing Systems
 Miss. Sonali M. Maidankar, Prof. G.D. Dhawale, Prof. S.G. Makarande
47-50 Download
10. Dielectric Properties and Structural Investigation of New Binary Li2CO3-LiI Solid Electrolyte
 Mohd Khari Omar, Azizah Hanom Ahmad
51-55 Download
11. Optimization of catalyst synthesis parameters by Response Surface Methodology for glycerol production by hydrogenolysis of sucrose
 Tanuja Srivastava, DC Saxena, Renu Sharma
56-65 Download
12. AESDM: Accessible E-Governance Site Development Model
 Gohin.B, Viji Vinod
66-73 Download
13. Energy Management of Solar Wall with Automatic Controlled Ventilation
 Laurent Zalewski, Stephane Lassue,Patrick Favier, Sohail Anwar
74-79 Download
14. Hello Flood Attack Using BAP in Wireless Sensor Network
 Gayatri Devi, Rajeeb Sankar Bal, Nibedita Sahoo
80-86 Download
15. A Survey on Near Field Communication Attacks
 Vasanth S, Arun Raj L
87-90 Download