Vol.-2, Issue-6, June 2015

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1. Project Management and Development of Program-Level Accreditation
  Ahmed Sameh
1-14 Download
2. RSA and Modified RSA algorithm using C Programming
  M.Puneeth, Jasmine shafi Farha, N.Sandhya, M.Yamini
15-20 Download
3. A Novel Camera Calibration method for measurement of horizontal and vertical displacement of target object using LABVIEW
  Kaustubh Ranjan Singh, Ashish Garg, Aditya Upadhyay
21-24 Download
4. Short-Term Load & Price Forecast of ISO New England Market with new ANN in presence of volatility
  A. K. Pandey,Kishan Bhushan Sahay ,M. M. Tripathi ,D. Chandra
25-32 Download
5. Energy harvesting applications for Low Voltage Dynamic CTS CMOS Charge Pump
  Keshav Thakur, Mrs. Amandeep Kaur
33-37 Download
6. Experimental Study of Concrete with Metakaolin as Partial Replacement of OPC
  Satyendra Dubey, Rajiv Chandak, R.K. Yadav
38-40 Download
7. The Effects of Manganese Modification and Calcium Refinement on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminium-Silicon Alloy
  Umejiaku L.I. , Nnuka E.E.
41-47 Download
8. Design of Wavelength Demultiplexer with grating using Arrayed Plasmonic Cavities
  Monika Agarwal, Dr. Ghanshyam Singh
48-51 Download
9. Vibrational Analysis of Drilling Machine Bed
  Sachin Kumar Kashyap, Abhishek Yadav, Deepak Garg
52-56 Download
10. Social Engineering on Social Networking sites
  M.Puneeth, Jasmine Shafi Farha, M.Yamini, N.Sandhya
57-60 Download