Vol.-2, Issue-5, May 2015

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1. Design and Analysis of Friction Clutch Plate using Ansys
  S. Gouse seema begum, A. Balaraju
1-5 Download
2. Interpreting & Modeling CO Concentration in Air with Traffic Density using Artificial Neural Network with Reference to Nagpur City
  Shekhar L. Pandharipande, Shubham R. Joshi
6-11 Download
3. An Efficient Method for DE-Noising Signal And A Unique Feature Extraction Algorithm
  Soniya Dandotiya, Prof Amit Arya
12-15 Download
4. Analysis of Metric Set for Classes in QR Application
  S. Bhavani
16-20 Download
5. Review on Cloud Computing and Security Issues in Cloud
  Prof. Bhavani. S, Ankit Hatwal
20-24 Download
6. Implementation of Accumulative Bit Error Based Adaptive AODV Routing Protocol
  Prakriti Trivedi, Amit Singh Shekhawat
25-27 Download
7. Rectangular Antenna Design With‘C’ Shaped Radiator Replaced by Helical Antenna for WLAN and WiMAX Applications
  Ms. Narmadha Shanmugam, Mr. R. Dharmalingam
28-31 Download
8. Calculation for Efficient Circular Window Based Disparity-Map by Stereo Matching
  Lalbabu Purbey, Neeraj Maglani
32-35 Download