Vol.-1, Issue-6, November 2014

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1. Mobile Multi Joint Arm Therapy Exoskelton Robot with Outcome Evaluation and Remote Diagnosis
  Arun Chandrakumar K, Prof. V. Gopi
1-5 Download
2. Study of Various Segmentation Techniques and their Comparison
  Komal Hasija, Rajani Mehta
6-8 Download
3. Adaptive Control of a Flexible Manipulator using Fuzzy pid Controller
  Alekhya Akkapeddi,G.Ravi Kiran, Dr. R.Vijaya Santhi
9-14 Download
4. Design and Analysis of Waveguide-Fed Broad-Wall Longitudinal Log Periodic Slotted Array Antenna for 8.2 ~ 11.11 GHz Frequency Applications
  Hare Ram Jha, Shiva Nand Singh
15-24 Download
5. How Adequate is Capital Adequacy of Indian Banks
  Mohd. Sajid, Dr Harish Handa
25-35 Download
6. PV System with Neutral Point Clamped Inverter for Suppression of Leakage Current and Harmonics based Fuzzy Controller
  P.T. Stephy, A. Anbarasan
36-41 Download
7. A Cascaded Multilevel H- Bridge Inverter for Electric Vehicles with Low Harmonic Distortion
  Kannan M, Srinivasan.R, Neelakrishnan.G
48-52 Download
8. Implementation of Vedic Multiplier on Circuit Level
  Shweta Agrawal, Vijay Kumar Magraiya, Abhay Khedkar
53-55 Download
9. Optical Laser Sources Selection Criteria for High Transmission Capacity Free Space Optical Communications and Eye Safety through Atmospheric Conditions
  Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed
56-67 Download
10. Analysis of Low Power Dual Dynamic Node Hybrid Flip-Flop
  R.Vinoth, M.Balaji, R.Nivethitha, S.Shobana, R.Srinivasan
68-74 Download
11. Finger Vein Based Secured Authentication System
  D.Mounika, M.B.R Murthy, B. Chakradhar
75-77 Download
12. Absolute Radiometric Calibration of FRS-1 and MRS mode of RISAT-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data using Corner Reflectors
  Mayank D Mishra, Parul Patel, H S Srivastava, P Patel, A Shukla
78-89 Download