Vol.-2, Issue-11, November 2015

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1. High Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Low Values of THD Used for Electric Vehicles
 Manu. C, Dr. K. Mekala
1-6 Download
2. Occurrence of Droughts in Hoskote Town, Bangalore Rural District, Karnataka, India
 Dr. M. T. Maruthesha Reddy, Sirisha Reddy Y C
7-13 Download
3. Synthesis of Local Adsorbent from Azadirachta indica (Neem) for Bio-adsorption of Methylene Blue Dye from Aqueous Solutions
 Zharama M. Llarena, Juvy P. Calibuso, Rosette M. Larua
14-16 Download
4. A Fifteen Level Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches
 R.Anand, M.Kamatchi
17-25 Download
5. An Empirical Analysis of the Model of the Coupled Coordination Degree of Tourism Economy Environment in Hunan Province
 Zhou Lifang, Mai Qionghui, Ouyang Wen, Wu Hualing , Xing Yu
26-31 Download
6. Multi-Cloud Key Aggregation for Scalable Data Sharing
 Mr. G. R. Shinde, Prof. K. N. Shedge
32-35 Download
7. Survey on Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Applications
 Dr. S. Gunasekaran, V. Bargavi
36-41 Download
8. How Metals and Amino Acids Effect Guaiacol Peroxidase Activity from Dill
 Gulnur Arabaci
42-45 Download
9. Multi objective optimization of process parameters in plasma arc cutting of SS 420 using Grey-Taguchi analysis
 Renangi. Sandeep, Dara. Sudhakara , Bathina. Sreenivasulu
46-52 Download
10. Parallel Graph Computation using a Partition Aware Engine: Review Paper
 Mr. S. B. Shirsath, Prof. S. R. Durugkar
53-55 Download
11. Collaborative Environments: Fine-Grained Knowledge Sharing- Review Paper
 Mr. Naresh Patil , Prof. S. R. Durugkar
56-59 Download
12. Strength Analysis of Steel Adhesive Double Lap Joints Reinforced by Rivet using FEA
 Mr. Gajanan M. Kulkarni, Prof. B. D. Gaikwad
60-62 Download
13. Alzheimer Management System
 Mohan Kishore, Parthasarathy Raghuram, Ramakrishnan Harikrishna, Gunasekaran Harish, Dayalan Sowmiya, Mutsalklisana Chaiyaporn
63-65 Download