Vol.-1, Issue-5, October 2014

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1. Performance Analysis of Min-Sum LDPC Decoding Algorithm
  S. V. Viraktamath, Girish Attimarad
1-5 Download
2. Petrographic and Structural Implications on Petroleum System in Igumale-Nsukka Area in Relation to Anambra Graben, Nigeria
  Uzoegbu M. U.
6-22 Download
3. Color Build up on Polyester Cotton Fabric with Disperse Dye With the Shade Variation by High Temperature and High Pressure Method at Different Stages
 Helal Uddin, Abu Yousuf Mohammad Anwarul Azim, A.B.M. Yousuf Sarker
23-27 Download
4. Analysis of Various Methodology of Hand Gesture Recognition System using MATLAB
 Komal Hasija, Rajani Mehta
28-32 Download
5. Electronic Toll Collection System For Billing Using Wireless Communication
 K. Kanthi kumar, Dontabhaktuni Jayakumar, K. Jail Singh
33-48 Download
6. Reducing Congestion in Dhanmondi Residential Area: Introducing Cordon Pricing
 Md. Mehedi Hasnat , Dr. Md. Shamsul Hoque
49-57 Download
7. Color Build up on Jute Fabric with Reactive Dye after Bleaching and Mercerizing
 Md. Shamin Reza, A.K.M. Monjurul Haque, Abu Yousuf Mohammad Anwarul Azim, S. M. Azizul Hoque,Aminul Islam Mishuk
58-62 Download
8. Design & Development Of Sunflower Seeds Extraction Machine
 Asst. Prof. Amar M. Patil, Prof. P.D. Kulkarni, Asst. Prof. Vivek V. Patil
63-69 Download
9. An Empirical Survey on Various Malicious Security Attacks in Online Transactions
 B.T.Geetha, M.V.Srinath, Mr.V.Perumal
70-75 Download
10. Microwave Breast Tumor Detecting and Targeting Employing Multiswarm Contrast-Agent-Loaded Bacterial Nano robots
 Pagadala Sree Harsha, Divya. K , B. Jaiganesh
76-80 Download
11. Performance Analysis of Optical Fiber Communication Systems For NRZ, RZ and Doubinary Formats
 Mandeep Kaur, Er. Gurpreet Bharti
81-84 Download
12. 1D2D Inundation Modelling using SOBEK-Rural: A Measure for Flood Risk Management
  Asadusjjaman Suman , Farnaz Akther
85-90 Download
13. Parametric Comparison of various Fading Channels using MATLAB Simulation
  Hemant Dhabhai, Dr. Ravindra Prakash Gupta, Anand Jain
91-96 Download
14. Counter Stealth with Quantum Radar
  Ashik Ahmed P,Hema Chowdary Byrapudi, Jaiganesh B
97-99 Download
15. Signal Modelling Using Microwave Oven
  Mohamed Noufel Feresh.A, Balachanadar.S, Jaiganesh.B
100-102 Download
16. Using high Power Efficient Combline Filter for Space Applications
  S.Lakshmi, B.Jaiganesh
103-107 Download
17. Absorption Spectra and Energy Band Gapof Multilayer ZnS Films
  Vishal Kumar Sharma, Mahendra Kumar, Kapil Sirohi
108-110 Download
18. Harmful Thermal Radiation and Bending Effects on Power Attenuations in Deformed Plastic Optical Fibers
  Ahmed Nabih Zaki Rashed, A. Abd El-Naser Mohamed, Imbaby I. Mahmoud, , Mohamed S. El_Tokhy, Osama H. Elgzar
111-125 Download
19. Walking Speed and Head Pitch With Health Monitoring by Wearable Helmet System in Coal Mines
  T. Jini, P. Satheesh Kumar
126-132 Download