Vol.-2, Issue-10, October 2015

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1. System for Disease detection by analyzing finger nails Color and Texture
 Vipra Sharma, Aparajit Shrivastava
1-6 Download
2. Comparison of Biogas Yeild from Anaerobic Digestion of Rabit Waste and Swine Dung
 Ofili I, Ibrahim A.H, Orban M.O., Abur F.F, Okpanachi A.I
7-8 Download
3. Brief Review of Image Restoration Algorithms
 Sunita Ahirwar, Prof. Anuj Bhargav
9-10 Download
4. Configurations of Phosphor Bronze Meshes in Heat Pipes: An Experimental Analysis of Thermal Performance
 Larissa Krambeck, Felipe B. Nishida, Paulo H.D. Santos, Thiago Antonini Alves
11-14 Download
5. Testing of a Solar Dryer Using Nsukka Beans
 Okeke C.L, Oluwatuyi J.O, Ugwuodo C.B, Odoh E.E, Nwachukwu N.P.
15-16 Download
6. Process Control Limits in a CMOS ASIC Fabrication Process
 K. Jayavel, K.S.R.C.Murthy
17-27 Download
7. Review: Face Recognition System
 Shrutika Shukla, Anuj Bhargava
28-30 Download
8. Study on RFID-Enabled CONWIP Control Strategy for Multi-Echelon and Multi-Product Inventory of Supply Chain
 Han Xiaoju, Wang Dingwei
31-36 Download
9. Knowledge Discovery through Data Mining: An Econometric Perspective
 Dr. Somnath Pruthi
37-39 Download