Vol.-2, Issue-9, September 2015

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1. Failure Analysis and Corrective Action in Wire Bonding of a Range Finder ASIC
 K. S. R. C. Murthy
1-7 Download
2. Design and Evaluation of a Portable Water Distillation System
 Ugwuoke E.C, Ukwuani S.T, Okeke C.L, Orban M. O, Okpanachi A.I
8-9 Download
3. Reduction of NOx and Noise Emissions by Pilot Injection Strategy in CRDI Diesel Engine with the use of Central Composite Design (CCD)
 C. Syed Aalam, C.G. Saravanan
10-15 Download
4. Anaerobic Digestion Plant for Domestic Waste Treatment
 Ugwuoke E.C, Ugwuodo B. C , Odoh E.E, Eze N.N, Ihedioha O.J
16-18 Download
5. Performance Analysis of Flat Plate Collector (SFPC) by Using [AL2O3 & CuO] Nano Fluids
 A. Prasad yadav , V. Mahanandi reddy, E. Siva reddy
19-24 Download
6. Image Restoration using ADMM-TV Algorithm
 Sunita Ahirwar, Prof. Anuj Bhargav
25-27 Download
7. Corrosion Studies on Al-10Si-TiB2 Composites Produced through Stir Casting Method
 K.jyothi, E.Sivamahesh, K.Venkateswara Rao, Ch. Chandra Rao
28-31 Download
8. Evaluation of Biogas Plant for Domestic Energy Supply using Cow Dung
 Eze N.N, Ude M.U, Ogunjobi S. A, Ihedioha O.J, Nwachukwu N.P
32-34 Download
9. A Review on Spectrophotometric Determination of Heavy Metals with emphasis on Cadmium and Nickel Determination by U.V. Spectrophotometry
 Sunil Kulkarni, Sonali Dhokpande, Dr. Jayant Kaware
35-38 Download
10. Linear Time History Analysis of Asymmetric Flat Slab buildings having Unequal Orthogonal Lengths
 Syed Mujtaba Hassan, Syed Sirajul Haq
39-49 Download
11. Skin Model and Some Processing Properties of a Drilling Simulation in the Abdominal
 Diego Colón, Suélia S. R. F. Rosa, Danilo S. Oliveira , José M. Balthazar, Célia A. Reis
50-55 Download
12. Efficient Prediction and Classification of Diabetic Patients from bigdata using R
 K. Sharmila, Dr. S. A. Vetha Manickam
56-58 Download
13. An Approach to Secure Run Time Environment under Untrusted Management OS
 Anchal Pokharana, Asmita Singh, Rahul Hada
59-64 Download
14. Biomaterial Latex Manufactured Occlusion Contact Lens: Proposal for Amblyopia Treatment
 Jaqueline A. Ribeiro, Suélia S. R. F. Rosa, Danilo S Oliveira
65-69 Download
15. Reconfigurable Stacked Microstrip Patch Antenna for Multi-Band Application
 Lalit Kumar Lata
70-74 Download
16. Experimental Investigation of Machining of Ti-6Al-4V through EDM using Copper Tungsten Electrode and Modeling of Machining Parameters using Artificial Neural Network
 Manohar Pala, K ViswanathaSarma, D Sakthivel, D VenkataGovinda Rao
75-80 Download
17. Design and Simulation of a Compact Microstrip UWB Antenna with Notched Band Employing Defected Microstrip Structure
 Lalit Kumar Lata, Anoop Singhal
81-84 Download
18. Latex Insole with Sensor System for Investigation of Plantar Pressure Distribution in Autistic Individuals
 Suélia S. R. F. Rosa, Cicilia R. M. Leite, Danilo S. Oliveira, Rodrigo A. Medeiros
85-88 Download
19. Distance Based Models of Keystroke Dynamics User Authentication
 Soumen Roy, Utpal Roy, D. D. Sinha
89-94 Download
20. ETC System Design Using QUADTREE & HUFFMAN Coding
 Ranju Yadav , Prof. Anuj Bhargava
95-98 Download